About TAAI

Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) was incorporated during 1951, 4 years after Indian Independence. It continues most effectively with quality growth and ability to support industry growth. TAAI is India’s premier, nodal, largest and oldest Travel & Tourism Association.

TAAI’s membership of about 2,500+ leading Indian companies involved actively with Tourism brings to its members constant guidance from our 20 Regional Units, which is unique to TAAI and its development of Leadership. Each unit has an elected Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to effectively administer. Member agencies get to meet regularly. We support road shows; presentations; interaction on industry updates, most effectively.

TAAI is actively associated with the Airlines & IATA. As members of IATA”s APJC (Agency Program Joint Council)we debate on matters on Airline practices. TAAI’s active Airlines Council connects TAAI with Domestic & International Airlines.

TAAI works closely with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. We actively participate in the Tourism Meetings convenedby the Government. We are actively associated with State Tourism Boards of India.

TAAI has a large membership who isactively involved in several industry verticals, and thus its focus is to promote these effectively and connect members with opportunities.

TAAI National Office Bearers (2022-24)

TAAI National Managing Committee Members (2022-24)

TAAI is a one point contact for any country; destination or attraction to be effectively promoted well across India.

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