NexTAAI - A Force to Reckon with

When the world moves everyday - we need to move too - and we need to stay ahead. Staying ahead is not a choice anymore its a basic requirement. Staying ahead is all about - high quality people - innovation - state of the art technology, a wealth of domain knowledge, collective experience and world class relationships with customers and industry! - This is exactly the goal of NexTAAI - To Leverage and Collaborate, and be the best, We can beat anyone using all these things all the time. Lets come together to - "Stay Ahead".

What will NexTAAI do

Putting the world's best supply together collaboratively working closely with each one of you- leveraging your relationships. Taking care of first class buying - first class service globally. Making it simple to serve any request to get instant support worldwide and to have complete visibility into your clients trips! - its the very least NexTaai will deliver!

Tourism - The Next Frontier of Growth

While bread and butter was ticketing in the past but the mainstream game is tourism now.

Backed by a team and platform and play that will become a driving, invincible force to take all TAAI members to the next level.

NexTAAI will take the travel agent fraternity to leap frog the current situation into again being market leaders

- be it tech

- be it the constant innovation

- be it being best in class

Its been an effort to put the best of minds and TAAI together to create a world leader and to set an example for the world on what and how to move next!

Next Steps - The Importance that you deserve!

Every TAAI Member gets a dedicated Key Account Manager to support you for your business and help you grow. Right from helping with your website, training your staff or discussing growth strategies or implementing marketing initiatives. Even funding staff and funding innovations - it has a lot as you get to know it deeper!

Your Role

Your Role is most important, as Rome was not built in a day - so will excellence come from iterations. Your constant feedback and helping refine the platform will be your biggest role, whether its related to content or price or enabling new products and services. You guidance and leadership is the key to making us self-reliant and BIG. Your role is of a Founder of this platform! Lets reform ourselves and the industry at large!

Role of NexTAAI Team

NexTAAI - Will focus on enabling each one of you to come onto the platform, and increase staff efficiency and your revenues. It will help you in building individual strategies to grow your business and clout. Right from setting up of your login, staff logins and controls, to helping you move deeply into the tourism world in a big way, through constant training and fam tours for you and staff.

The Future belongs to us!

When first class people, technology and innovation hits the road with finest service and delivery - one can imagine - leadership is the only path, lets Lead ourselves into the future!

Staying Ahead is the new paradigm

Truly a solution, a community transforming borders, transforming lives. NexTaai - is the new paradigm, a meaningful partnership to stay ahead.

I welcome you all to make your own platform the World's Best - "Together We Will"

FAQs to Get You Started

How do I register?

Please go to the Contact Us page and submit your request for registration along with your agency details if you are a TAAI member, and our team will get back to you.

How do I get my website?

Once you login, you will see an option called "My Website" in the menu which can be used to manage your website. We also have a team which can help you setting up and designing your website.

Can I link my payment gateway?

Yes, you will be able to link your payment gateway with your website. Our team will assist you in linking the same.

How does my customer data get protected?

All customer data that you enter into the platform is encrypted and stored. It is visible only for you under your login.

How does markup and commissions work?

The platform will give you net price always. You can setup default markup for flights, hotels and packages under your login settings. Every time you save a package quote, you will have the option to change the markup.

Are there any charges for the platform?

There is a one time setup fee of Rs 7,500 out of which Rs 4,000 will come back to your wallet which can be used for transactions.

Can quotes and vouchers come with my agency branding?

Yes, the quotes and vouchers will come with your agency brand and logo.

How can I get training done for my staff?

You will be assigned a key account manager (KAM) who will organize training for you as well as your staff at a convenient time for you.

What's your business about?

 Beauty, Salon and Spa
 Doctor and Pharmacy
 Food or Restaurant
 Health and Fitness
 Education and Tutor
 Professional Services
 Web or Graphic Design

What are your top goals?

 Sell Products
 Sell Services
 Collect Donations
 Get Appointments
 Market Myself or My Business
 Promote a physical business
 Showcase Work/Expertise
 Get Leads for My Businesss
 Promote a Event
 Publish a Blog or other Media

Do you have a website domain?

 I already have a domain
 I want to buy a domain

How much are you looking to spend on your website?

 $12 per month
 ₹$20 per month
 ₹$30 per month
 Open for discussion

Lastly we need some details about yourself

Please note your contact details are kept confidential.

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